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smart-level-introductionThis new smart-level® froth has evolved over more than ten years into a robust level measurement device for froths and other multi-phase liquids and emulsions.

The smart-level® froth measures the conductivity along its length when in a liquid, froth, pulp, slurry or emulsion. Measurements are made rapidly at 5 mm intervals along typical lengths  from  500 mm up to 2 m. The smart-level® froth 500 is designed for measurements over a 0 to 500 mm range.

Using the conductivity profile along  the probe length, various measurements can be made. Primarily, the position of any interfaces in the liquid such as froth-air and froth-liquid can be determined.

The smart-level® froth makes a rapid  scan of the resistance along  its length and then using the slope of this resistance the instrument  determines the pulp-froth and the froth-air levels. In the basic instrument, the analogue output can reflect one of these levels.

The unique design incorporates several micro-processors into the probe itself which take care of the continuous scanning, interpretation and analogue output of the results. The standard measurement length is 500 mm but probes with measurement ranges from 500 mm to 2 metres

can be manufactured with a minimum resolution of between 2.5 and 5 mm. The probe is completely  sealed and requires only a power supply of 18 – 36 VDC to operate.

Using the RS485 interface, up to 32 smart-level froths® can be multi-dropped on the same set of wires and each instrument can be monitored by a SCADA system directly.


  • Two 4–20 mA loop powered output signals one for indicating slurry interface level and the other for froth height.
  • The probe has a 482 mm sensing distance (may be up to 2 m).
  • The response time is one second or less (TBA – level tracking algorithm will reduce this).
  • Resolution is 5 mm or less (TBA – interpolation algorithm will reduce this).
  • The probe will be 1000 mm long and 34 mm diameter.
  • The probe housing is chemical and water proof made using 316 stainless steel and polyurethane.
  • The probe can be mounted using an optional bolt on bracket with height adjustment.
  • Washing can be controlled from the probe, optional spray/wash fittings are available.
  • Automatic configuration with PC, optional interface in the future.
  • Fixed cable installed lengths 5 m, and optionally longer.
  • Internal temperature monitoring.
  • Operating temperature range 0 to 70°
  • The instrument can accommodate a wide range of liquid conductivities (100 S to 10 µS).
  • 96 individual conductivity measurement points with intelligent interpolation between discrete measurement points for finer resolution.
  • LEDs at the top of the probe – indicating Probe Status, Relay Output States, Communications Activity, Warning and Alarms.
  • Probe power required 18-36 VDC 200 mA.
  • Available and optional inputs and outputs are:
  • One isolated loop powered 4-20 mA analogue output.
  • Two relay outputs 100 VAC/VDC 0.5 A one for spray control, the other for alarm output.
  • Isolated RS485 interface for configuration and later local display/controller interface.
  • Isolated digital input for self-configuration control.

Prototype Smart Level


Prototype testing with fluorspar froth

Prototype testing with fluorspar froth

Cable termination unit smart-level 500

Cable termination unit smart-level 500

Resistance profile in fluorspar froth

Froth thickness in platinum flotation cell
Froth thickness in platinum flotation cell.

Level changes in fluorspar flotation cell
Level changes in fluorspar flotation cell.

Spray washing system with platinum froth
Spray washing system with platinum froth.


Phase disengagement tests in solvent extraction

Aqueous organic mixture

Level detection in solvent extraction

Phase disengagement tests

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