Smart-Level® Portable Pro

Portable thickener mud level and density profile measurement

The Smart-Level® Portable Pro is a convenient device designed to detect mud levels in thickeners.

As a portable instrument, it is very useful for quick trouble shooting.

Each time a measurement is made, the complete density profile is saved along with the various measurement parameters and results.

Optional features include:

  • GPS logging of each measurement so that the precise date, time and location of each measurement is recorded.
  • Can be used to do repeated measurements with audible indication of a mud level measurement and automatic arming and recording of the results.

sonarTXM® Sensor

This is a specialized, purposed designed, sensing device which can be submerged to 50 m which has its own internal circuitry to conduct several types of measurements.

The measurements are primarily ultrasound attenuation at one or more wavelengths to suit the mud characteristics. The connecting cable provides power communications to and from the sensor. The sensor has some intelligence built-in to ensure optimum, reliable, repeatable and accurate measurements.

Wi-Fi Enabled

The unit is Wi-Fi enabled and can simply be connected to another computer for data download in a standard csv file format.

Rechargeable Batteries

The device uses Internal Lithium Ion batteries that ensure at least four hours of continuous use between charges.


The standard unit is plastic case containing the sensor, cable and display weighs about 12kgs with dimensions of approximately 430mm × 370mm × 160mm (length × width × depth).

We can manufacture a basic version which is fitted into a backpack and can be easily carried around the plant.

Components Gallery

Density profile displayed in graph format. Mud level is shown by a large increase in density vs water as is the air/water boundary.

Pressure profile alongside the density.

Battery status.

Charging status.

Basic mud level detection shown on a local display. Depth calculated from both the pressure and the graduated sensor cable.

  • Data is recorded to a CSV file for later download via Wi-Fi.
  • Density profiling shown on the local display.
  • Pressure sensor data for added accuracy.

Dimensions: 430mm × 370mm × 160mm (length × width × depth).

Weight: ~12kgs.

Material: Black Plastic.

IP65 Rated.

25m of graduated sensor cable.

Wi-Fi connection to allow data download. This data is stored as a CSV file.

Power connections for battery charging. Power supply provided with 90 to 260 VAC using adaptor supplied.

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Regular checks of each component of the device is highly recommended. Follow the instructions on the Maintenance page for more information.

A detailed user manual will be provided for the specific system delivered. It will include maintenance information and enough information to be able to do basic repairs, testing and module replacement.